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Compact and low-cost Terahertz sensor for monitoring of food quality

The aim of the project is to develop a commercial food sensor. This sensor makes it possible to check the quality of packaged food within a package. Because such a sensor will be able to check the quality of individual packages at any time we think application of such a sensor will help to reduce food waste in the food industry drastically in the future. By pushing back the problem of food waste and food spoilage in the food industry, which creates a lot of prosperity in the border region, we assume that the project will have a lot of influence on the regional economy.

The consortium consists out of both industrial and academic partners with the necessary expertise to produce the sensor. Moreover, the consortium has partners (Food2Know, Flanders’ FOOD, …) that are specialized in bridging the space between the academic world and the industry. These partners will be responsible for valorization and the dissemination of the sensor technology. Furthermore, they will generally disseminate the terahertz technology through their respective networks and look for new applications in cooperation with experts from the industry and the academic world.

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