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Sixth Terafood Newsflash

For the sixth Terafood newsflash we want to show you the project video – watch it here: https://vimeo.com/387968788 Voor de zesde Terafood newsflash willen we jullie de projectvideo tonen – bekijk hem hier: https://vimeo.com/387968788 Pour le sixième Terafood newsflash nous souhaitons vous montrer la vidéo du projet – regardez-la ici: https://vimeo.com/387968788

Newsflash 5

What happens in the cleanroom… innoveert ons voedselverpakkingssysteem! Onze supermarkten zijn dagelijks gevuld met lekkere en verse voedingsproducten dankzij continue innovaties in de agrovoedingsindustrie. Voor producten die snel bederven – denk aan zeevruchten, vis, vlees, verse groenten, enz. – worden echter de ‘ten minste houdbaar tot’ en de ‘te gebruiken tot’ datum zo kort mogelijk […]

Fourth Newsflash

TERAFOOD Newsflash, February 2019 A teragood alternative for expiration dates? The discussion on expiration dates (best before and use by) has been going on for many years now, mainly because of their impact on food waste. Expiration dates are hard to estimate, and moreover dependent on the circumstances in which the products are transported and […]

Second newsflash

Submillimetre and THz spectroscopy: an effective tool for monitoring the freshness of foods of various kinds? During the first period of the Terafood project (https://terafood.iemn.fr/) several relevant freshness indicator gasses have been identified via lab tests on Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) (more info available in first Terafood newsflash [1]. Now the gasses indicating early spoilage […]

First newsflash

Focus on spoilage – volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in food quality monitoring Spoilage of highly perishable food products such as fresh fish is typically due to microbial activity that leads to the generation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds could be used as spoilage indicators and thus for quality monitoring of the packaged food […]

Project Info

Compact and low-cost Terahertz sensor for monitoring of food quality The aim of the project is to develop a commercial food sensor. This sensor makes it possible to check the quality of packaged food within a package. Because such a sensor will be able to check the quality of individual packages at any time we […]

Research partners and contact details

  Université de Lille – coordination institute Mathias Vanwolleghem ()   Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale Gael Mouret ()     VMicro Benjamin Walter ()   Universiteit Gent – Department of Information Technology Bart Kuyken () Mattias Verstuyft ()   Universiteit Gent – Lab of Food microbiology and food preservation Frank Devlieghere () Lotta Kuuliala […]